2012 Youth Social Entrepreneur Summit!

Combat the economy and change the world at the 2012 Youth Social Entrepreneurship Summit!


More than 200 students, youth, program staff, government leaders, and youth entrepreneurs will convene at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, MN from 2PM – 8PM on April 27th to demonstrate the power of entrepreneurship to address social issues at THE 2012 YOUTH SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR SUMMIT.


This youth-focused event is open to any youth or adults interested in entrepreneurship and social change. Through games, fun, and interactive activities you’ll get equipped with leadership and business skills, and learn about youth enterprise programs in MN!


Organized by the Minnesota Youth Social Entrepreneurship Collaborative with support from Sundance Family Foundation, the summit features:


  • A marketplace of 10-15 youth-operated social enterprise programs in MN, from coffee, bike, and fashion design shops, to environmental and farming programs!


  • Workshops led by youth and business professionals in a university campus atmosphere.


  • Inspiring keynotes from young entrepreneurs.


  • Great food and live entertainment!


  • Opportunities for young people to learn how to start their own venture, and lead ventures through organizations where they participate.


The Collaborative will also launch a competition right at the conference to create a new logo and slogan that best represents Youth Social Entrepreneurship (YSE) in Minnesota. Youth ages 14 to 22 will have the chance to win one $1,000 and two $500 college scholarships.

To learn more or to register for this free event, visit: YSEsummit.eventbrite.com.


Summit Contact:

Mary Karen Lynn Klimenko

Sundance Family Foundation


(612) 822-8580 


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Brought to you by:


Minnesota Youth Social Entrepreneurship Collaborative

The Minnesota Youth Social Entrepreneurship Collaborative is a group of nonprofit organizations dedicated to supporting young people to address issues in their community. The organizations provide entrepreneurship training programs and social entrepreneurship programs that incorporate a social value mission with practical methods for entrepreneurial innovation, skill development, accountability, and sustainable funding. Collaborative members include Youth Express, Community Design Center, Cookie Cart, Brian Coyle Center – Triple C Cafe, and Ashoka’s Youth Venture.


Sundance Family Foundation


The Sundance Family Foundation supports organizations that strengthen family stability both globally and locally, aspiring to thereby serve families in the humane opportunity to “dance in the sunlight” of their own lives. Its local philanthropy currently focuses on projects that encourage youth social entrepreneurship, across several Minnesota and Wisconsin counties. The Foundation also supports human services and supportive housing programs both locally and internationally in Latin America, Africa, and Russia.