Invested: The Story of Three Young Social Entrepreneurs

“What he makes at this little coffee shop, he divides up

and sends home to his mother in Africa, who he hasn’t

seen in years.”

Take a sneak peek at Emergence Picture’s upcoming short film on Youth Social Entrepreneurship (YSE), Invested:

The second film in the Changemakers series, Invested highlights the incredible impact of local YSE by featuring the personal stories of 3 young social entrepreneurs in Minnesota.

 Armani: harvested organic produce for sale at local farmers and learned about nutrition and environmental issues as a Garden Corps intern at the Community Design Center of MN.


Shemse: worked with other youth members of the Cedar-Riverside Youth Council, with guidance by Brian Coyle Center Director Jennifer Blevins and in collaboration with the African Development of MN to establish the Triple C Café.


Stella: co-founded the Express Yourself Clothing shop with three other high school students through the Urban Business Adventures program of Youth Express.


All challenged by unique obstacles, these three high school students leveraged the leadership training, business development, and community service opportunities presented by local youth programs toward building future success.


Their inspiring journeys represent the life-changing effect of youth-led enterprises in MN and around the world!



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