California College Students Fight Trafficking With Style!

“Never doubt a small group of ambitious, fashion-forward teenagers can change the world.”


How can you land the perfect job? Apply your interests and strengths to endorse a cause you’re passionate about.


As a progressive thinker and fashion lover, University of CA Irvine student Candace Wu recognized an entrepreneurial opportunity in Shoe Revolt’s mission of selling clothing items in order to financially support nonprofits such as MISSSEY that are committed to helping survivors of sex trafficking. She organized a group of student fashionistas like herself to create Stylites. This official teen chapter of Shoe Revolt provides an outlet for peer connections around a cause – giving individuals who purchase clothing items awareness of sex trafficking issues within the United States, knowledge that all profits will be supporting a shelter for victims, and an opportunity to join the revolt against commercial sexual exploitation of children and youth.


To educate communities about this issue, Stylites advocates through booths, presentations, and creative campaigns. The latest “I Am Beautiful” Campaign is a public service announcement using social media along with cardboard signs reading “I am beautiful,” “I am brave,” or “I am change” to raise students’ consciousness of domestic trafficking. These empowering statements intend to instill a universal sense of self worth for youth, especially sending a message to survivors that the horrific experiences they have endured do not signify who they actually are: beautiful, brave, and agents of change for a better world.


To learn more about Stylites and Shoe Revolt and get involved, visit: