Got a hobby or passion? Turn it into summer employment with!

Considering the U.S. teen unemployment rate of 24.5% in 2011 (Employment Policies Institute and Bureau of Labor Statistics), teens still face a difficult job market, especially for finding part-time and seasonal work. addresses this problem by directly equipping youth with the core set of entrepreneurial skills to start their own enterprise and create their own summer employment, as well as giving parents and educators the resources to support them.

Brought to you by the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), offers the key elements of NFTE’s entrepreneurship curriculum in a series of youth-centered activities that display the process of turning his or her interest into an actual business venture. The personalized activities can also apply to general professional development by providing pathways for young people to consider job and career opportunities that utilize their abilities.

The curriculum’s five levels each include two activities – a young entrepreneur profile, and expert advice from renowned entrepreneurs. Beginning with your idea or passion, the next levels go on to recognizing the market and competition, budgeting and tracking your expenses, selling your product or service, and finally giving back to causes in your community. You are then invited to “go social” by joining the online MYJ community of young entrepreneurs.

Straightforward questions in the curriculum activities elicit the necessary brainstorming and planning to draft each step of your business plan, with optional help from a very thorough example for a personal chef business. Comprehensive and fun, the course is sure to inspire young people in creating or identifying the job they’ll love!

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