Goyoung: They Cover, You Discover

Three ambitious Belgian students wanted a way to promote social entrepreneurship to youth around the world while exploring the different models of social business through comparative analysis. Their resulting project, Goyoung, utilizes the power of film and social media as they travel the globe to shoot a documentary on social entrepreneurs under 30, sharing video podcasts along the journey!

The team of young women, ages 22 to 25, set out to inspire young people on a global scale and challenge the myth that having a social mission inhibits long-term sustainability and profitability. Goyoung aims to demonstrate the extraordinary impact of using commercial practices to tackle social issues, and how business and social missions can exist side-by-side, by interviewing both successful young social entrepreneurs and inspiring minds in the field.

With group members holding M.A.s in economics and cultural studies, they fittingly worked with big-name academics in social entrepreneurship to develop an interview template and plan to also use the interview results as data for academic research investigating the worldwide range of social enterprise models.

The 9-month sojourn began in October, and they last appeared at the Bay of San Miguel in Panama to capture the work of Hecha y Derecha (“Fully Fledged Woman”), and get the inside scoop from co-founder Virginia Campo (age 22):

Next stop: India!

Check out Goyoung’s regular video posts from their travels at: http://www.goyoung.org/podcasts.html.