Become a BlockStar with Rock Your Block!

Are you a teen searching for a J-O-B to gain rewarding experience for the competitive market? Look no further than your own backyard!

The start-up application Rock Your Block connects teen job seekers like you with neighborhood employers to find part-time work and internships in your community. Along with traditional jobs, the variety of jobs offered include “odd job” opportunities such as dog walking, babysitting, lawn care, or running errands for a neighbor.

How it works:

1. Once you sign up on the home page, you’ll create a basic profile for employers (no resume needed!).

2. To apply for job listings, you’ll be asked to get an adult to recommend you and pay an annual sponsorship fee of $45. The sponsor can be a parent or local community group such as the YMCA or other Rock Your Block partner organizations listed on the site that sponsor teens.

3. Apply for jobs and land a gig!

4. After completing a job, your employer can post feedback about your work that goes into your job history (on your Rock Your Block Account). You’ll start building a stellar reputation, resume, and workforce training for the future!

Ready to be a BlockStar?

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