Njabini Apparel: Use Your Power to Empower!

Economic empowerment for women in Kenya will lead to educated and healthy children, and brighter futures for communities and future generations, ultimately pushing back against the cycle of poverty.


Northeastern University college student Mike Behan was inspired by this powerful idea in June of 2010 while volunteering with orphans in Njabini, Kenya through the nonprofit Flying Kites. By February 2011, with support from Flying Kites, Behan officially launched Njabini Apparel with fellow volunteers Tom Mwangi and Erin O’Malley. The organization employs disadvantaged mothers in Njabini in social businesses and provides micro-loans and business development programs.


The participating women hand-craft beautiful products such as hats and scarves using locally sourced materials, and “are able to immediately earn four times the average national income (equivalent to $780), which then reaches their children and family and is driven back into the local economy.” (Source: Boston Globe)  Njabini Apparel currently supports nine women and has plans to increase this number to twenty by the end of 2012.





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