The Social Impact App: A New Smartphone Guide to Social Enterprises Near You!

Do you use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch?

Guess what?? – This past July, Rolfe Larson Associates, LLC released a FREE application called Social Impact that uses the GPS feature in your device to locate and display retail social enterprises that are closest to you right now, whether you’re at home or on the go!

Social enterprises are businesses whose main purpose is to serve the common good and give back to the community, such as providing leadership and job training to local teens or disenfranchised individuals, bike shops empowering community members toward sustainability, or coffee shops and other retailers that pay a “fair trade” price to artisans in developing countries to ultimately support economic empowerment through better trading conditions.

In the Huffington Post, creator Rolfe Larson explains that the app was developed with an aim “to target the growing number of individuals wanting to shop and eat responsibly right in their own neighborhoods. The idea is to help connect those consumers with social enterprises — ultimately leading to increased business and impact for those ventures.” (Source: Huffington Post)

So far Social Impact’s database contains a listing of over 500 social businesses throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia, including: restaurants, coffee shops, catering services, bakeries, ice cream stores, and other retailers (thrift stores not currently included).

Download SOCIAL IMPACT for FREE and learn more HERE!!

Would you like to let the developers know about a retail social enterprise not yet included in the app? Contact: Rolfe Larson via the “More” section in the app, or email creator Rolfe Larson at: with comments or suggestions.


Rolfe Larson Associates is a Denver-based management consulting firm that helps enterprising nonprofits boost their earned income through social enterprise strategies. For more info, click here.

Mr. Larson is also editor of npEnterprise Forum, a global, moderated, free listserv for subscribers interested in social enterprise to discuss practical ways SEs can use entrepreneurial strategies to advance their social or environmental missions. Join in here!