How YOU Can Make a Difference for Superstorm Sandy Disaster Relief!

Imagine your home, business, and livelihood shattered overnight.

This past week, Hurricane Sandy hit landfall and left millions across the east coast without their power, homes, and businesses. Almost 1,000 miles wide at times, it was the largest Atlantic storm system on record, bringing blizzard conditions to West Virginia and 20-foot waves to Lake Michigan. The economic damage in the U.S. is estimated at $30-50 billion, and we’ve lost over 100 lives. (Source: The Big Picture)

As of Thursday Nov. 1st massive relief from the Red Cross spans ten states, and reported services that are underway from the Red Cross website include:


115 shelters in nine states – New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Ohio, and the District of Columbia.


Served nearly 164,700 meals.

More than 334,000 ready to eat meals are in the area and they’ve deployed 12 mobile kitchens capable of making 198,000 meals a day.

Volunteers and Vehicles:

3,300 disaster workers

More than two-thirds of the entire Red Cross fleet of response vehicles starting to distribute meals, water and snacks

Trailers full of relief supplies also deployed to help people as they clean up their homes.

Check out the RC Hurricane Sandy relief update on the Huffington Post.



They need our help to continue and expand aid efforts for our east coast friends in need!

Whether you’re a student, professional, or business owner, you can leverage your entrepreneurial spirit to make a difference and raise funds for the Red Cross!

Here are 7 ways to do it!

(Source: Red Cross- Ways to Fundraise)

*Note: Before fundraising, first obtain written approval from the Red Cross here.

1. Community Groups, Schools, & Individuals:

    • Sell lemonade, hot chocolate, or baked goods in your community
    • Start a read-a-thon
    • Have a garage sale
    • Run a live or silent auction
    • Organize a benefit concert, talent show, or throw a philanthro-party!

2. Donate a Percentage of Your Sales:

 Run a business? Share a portion of the proceeds from the sale or your products or services.

3. Start a Giving and Matching Campaign at Your Workplace:

 Increase your impact and encourage your co-workers to donate!

4. Sell or Shop Online:

    • Sell an item on eBay Giving Works and donate 10-100% of the sale price to the Red Cross.
    • Shop items for sale on eBay that benefit the Red Cross here.
    • Donate $1 or more whenever you make a purchase on eBay and pay using PayPal.

5. Host a Telethon or Radiothon:

 Broadcast a call to action!

6. Collect Funds from Your Customers:

 Retail owner or manager? Collect Red Cross donations from visitors to your company location or website.

7. Request to Use the Red Cross Brand for Your Company Website and Social Media Fundraising Campaigns.

Interested in donating your time by volunteering? Learn more about RC opportunities HERE!