YouthTrade: Market Access for Mission-Driven Young Entrepreneurs

Even during the global economic downturn, there is no shortage of socially conscious entrepreneurs under age 35 launching their businesses across the US and around the world.


For example…


27-year-old Emily Dubner of New York City launched the online bakery Baking for Good, which donates 15% of its profits to charities chosen by its customers. Undergrad Emerson College students Isabel Tottam and Emily Smith use the power of music to make a positive impact with Hold On Another Day, a company that produces uplifting mixed CDs, and for every CD sold it donates one to brighten the day of someone suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). And Grad school friends Lalit Kalani and Dan Garblik established a cross-cultural collaborative effort between India and America with their Bandar Monkey Sauce. The product line is made by partnering with an NGO in Mumbai called Atma that works for quality education for disenfranchised youth.


How did these enterprises first publicize their great products?

Certification from YouthTrade!



YouthTrade is an enterprise and social movement providing markets for goods of mission-driven entrepreneurs under age 35.


An initiative of the Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (YES) Campaign, the company is built on the model of the Conscious Capitalism Institute with a goal of aligning conscious companies with conscious entrepreneurs.


YouthTrade certifies youth businesses whose products or services promote economic, social, or environmental sustainability, and enrolls conscious companies such as Whole Foods (YouthTrade’s retail partner) to open shelf space for these products, thereby enabling shoppers to purchase them. In fact, YouthTrade announced on May 21st, 2012 that all 28 stores in the Whole Foods Market North Atlantic region now carry products representing nearly 20 YouthTrade certified businesses. (Source: YouthTrade Press Release)


In addition to opening markets, YouthTrade encourages consumers to shop with sustainability in mind by raising awareness through the launch of a media campaign to promote YouthTrade entrepreneurs and retailers, the YouthTrade Champions corporate buying program, and with plans to expand by establishing chapters in colleges and universities to engage and educate the next generation.


Managed by a powerful group of global activists, leaders, and young entrepreneurs dedicated to fighting poverty through youth entrepreneurship, YouthTrade currently operates in Mali, Nigeria, Senegal and the US.



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