Want to Make the World a Better Place? SoJo is Here to Help!

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

No matter who you are, contributing to the change you want to see is possible – whether it’s combating bullying in your school, launching or supporting a community garden, or advocating for women’s rights on an international scale. No experience necessary! All you need is your passion, determination, and creative thinking. And, there are an overwhelming number of resources out there to help along the way…

Take SoJo.net (short for Social Journal). This interactive online platform founded in Toronto in 2011 provides the support, resources, and knowledge necessary for aspiring social entrepreneurs like you to turn their ideas for change into reality. Innovations include social ventures, projects, programs, product developments, and more!

First assessing where users are in their journey, the website guides the user through the process of developing and implementing their ideas that address unmet social needs and environmental issues. Users map out an “idea blueprint” with such elements as values, goals, and objectives; analysis of their cause; and market research; leading to the “idea execution” stage with key components including building the network for your vision, communicating your idea, collaboration, building credibility, evaluating your progress and social impact, obtaining funding, and the nuts and bolts of organizational development.

SoJo also provides well-rounded support for each user with the “individual” section. Addressing a social entrepreneur’s personal needs and challenges, it is chock-full of articles ranging from how to use your age to your advantage, asking for help, and dealing with criticism, to finding inspiration, long-term motivation and support, and making sure to take care of oneself throughout the process.

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