Announcing the 2013 LEDC Latino Scholarship Awards!

Hey YSEers!


Are you a MN high school senior of Latino descent entering a MN college (or any school of post-secondary education for undergraduate study)? Or, are you a first-year college student originating from Mexico? Are you also facing economic obstacles to continuing your education?



If so, consider applying for the 2013 Latino Economic Development Center Scholarship Awards!


In the early 1990’s a group of low-income individuals with business aspirations had a dream of developing a program to offer higher education opportunities to low-income Latino students who might also face legal challenges that prevented them from having access to financing (such as student loans).


In the following years this vision brought Latino entrepreneurs, community leaders, local foundations, and local businesses together to create the LEDC Latino Scholarship Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation. Aiming to increase Latino leadership, the fund supports talented, aspiring leaders building their futures through higher learning.

[Source: LEDC website- Scholarships and LEDC Latino Scholarship Fund 2013 Information Sheet]




Latino High School Seniors:

3 awards of $2,350 each

(toward first year of college study, nonrenewable)


Current First-Year College Students of Mexican Origin:

2 awards of $2,350 each

(toward second year of study, nonrenewable)



Applications for both categories are due March 31st, 2013 by mail to the LEDC office (address found below), including the data sheet, three letters of recommendation, high school or college transcript, and a personal essay.





High School Senior Applicants:

  • A MN high school graduating senior entering any MN institution of post-secondary education.
  • One or both parents born outside of U.S. in a Latin American country (son or daughter of immigrants).


First-Year College Applicants:

  • A student from Mexico in their first year of study at any MN institution of post-secondary education.



Selection Criteria:


Both Categories:

  • Academic performance (minimum of 2.5 GPA for high school applicants and 3.0 GPA for college applicants)
  • Financial need
  • Educational goals
  • Leadership in the Latino community
  • Preference given to those ineligible for local or federal government funds for college.




All Applications due March 31st, 2013!


For an application and more information:


Contact Yessenia Felix, LEDC Membership Services Coordinator:

612-724-5332 or,


Or stop by LEDC’s office:

1516 E Lake St. Suite 201, Minneapolis, MN 55407.



Click HERE to learn more about past scholarship winners.


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