World Savvy Celebrates a School Year of Success!

During the 2012-13 school year, World Savvy worked to cultivate a new generation of social entrepreneurs who possess the knowledge, skills, and values & attitudes to create social changes in their local and global communities. Through the World Savvy Challenge program, students worked in teams to explore a range of issues within an annual theme, identify a topic and problem for further research, develop potential solutions to their problem at the community, national and international level, and finally, create a Knowledge-to-Action plan for how they can be involved in implementing their solution at one or more of these levels. Below are profiles of a few of the teams who plan to implement their Knowledge-to-Action plans over the course of the next year.

Health Care Heros, Blake Middle School









We are going to start an annual school drive for medical supplies (non-used equipment). The drive will last a month and engage middle school students and teachers in a competition to see which homeroom can collect the most items. At the end of the month, there will be a prize for the winning homeroom.  We will then organize an event where people come to pack the supplies and prepare them for shipping. Once the supplies have been organized, they will be shipped to MedWish, an organization based in Ohio that collects and distributes medical supplies to developing countries. We will also use their wish list to help us choose the items we would like people to donate.


The Lifesavers, Twin Oaks Middle School


In response to research on the prevalence of pollutants in buildings, this group of students designed an education and letter writing campaign to promote eco-friendly buildings in the State of Minnesota. Their project will include making presentations to students in 20 South of the River Middle Schools, followed by a letter writing campaign to elected state and federal offices to support LEED certification requirements for new construction.


Pani Pilots, St. Paul Academy and Summit School

After researching the impact of runoff from the use of phosphorous fertilizers on lakes and rivers in the Minneapolis, this group of students has developed a project to educate their local community on the use of phosphorus free fertilizers and encourage local neighborhood action to reduce use of phosphorus-based fertilizers.