Apply to be a Change Fellow!

Are you a young person who has a big idea to bring about change in Minnesota?

Youthprise is offering an opportunity for young people to receive funding and support to implement their big ideas to change the landscape of their communities and Minnesota.

Applications are due July 5th at 5:00pm CST.

Learn more about the Change Fellows Program HERE



  1. Create a 3-5 minute video application, include answers to following questions:
    • Describe who you are, include your name, age, school, grade level, and the community in which you live
    • Explain your big idea and its connection to out-of-school time/afterschool and how your idea will impact systems, build communities and ensure all MN youth thrive.
    • Who will you work with to actualize the big idea? Please describe and list the community partners (organizations and/or individuals) that will help mobilize your idea into action
    • Describe why it’s important to do this work, why you want to be a Youthprise Change Fellow
  2. Use photos to create a slideshow, use video from a camera phone or webcam video, or produce it like a professional!
  3. Upload the video to a video sharing website (i.e.,, etc.).
  4. Email the application with the link to your video to by the entry deadline of July 5th by 5:00pm. Subject of the email should be: “Change Fellow Video Application.”  Please include your name, phone number and email address (to be used application update purposes only, no solicitations.)


  • You must be a youth age 16-25 to apply
  • Include original content in your application. Do not submit a video that has been submitted elsewhere.
  • Video must NOT be longer than 5 minutes.
  • Avoid profane language, violence, sex or personal attacks on people or organizations.
  • Avoid violating copyright laws or using brand names or logos other than those you have been granted permission to use in your video. You agree to indemnify Youthprise for any claim, demand, judgment, or other allegation arising from your possible violation of someone’s trademark, copyright, or other legally protected interest in any way in your video.