Online Course Allows Students to Learn by Giving

How would you give away $100,000?

The Learning by Giving Foundation is offering students a chance to answer that question through an open online course called “Giving with Purpose.” Billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffet and his sister Doris are at the forefront of this unique effort to teach people about philanthropy.

The online course is designed to give students exposure to the mission and tools of effective philanthropy while providing them real world experience as “givers” who can nominate, evaluate and eventually select nonprofit organizations to receive over $100,000 in Learning by Giving Foundation grants.

Over 4,000 people have already signed up for the course that will also feature philanthropic advice from baseball legend Cal Ripken Jr. and the founders of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. Other famous guests include the Boston Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner and journalist Soledad O’Brien.

The course is comprised of six compact, online classes, with each class broken up into shorter lessons. The first five classes will be accompanied by a twenty to thirty minute guest speaker video, which students can watch at their own leisure.

The course began on Monday, July 15th and will run until the middle of August.

Registration will remain open till the end of July.

Learn more HERE


Learn and Earn with The Secret Millionaires Club!

The Secret Millionaires Club is an animated series created by A Squared Entertainment that teaches the basic of good financial decision making and some of the basics of starting a business. The series features four kids who are being mentored by financial sage Warren Buffett. Together, they form a club to give practical financial advice to people around the world.


On the SMC website Students, Teachers, Parents and Volunteers at Youth Organizations can:


The Secret Millionares Club also includes an educational program called, “Learn & Earn” which provides in-school materials for teachers, at home activities for families and after school activities for youth organizations. A cornerstone of the program is the “Grow Your Own Business Challenge”, an annual national competition challenging kids throughout the country to come up with new business ideas.

The first competition garnered nationwide participation from families, teachers, and youth organizations. Winners received $5,000 each and were celebrated in Omaha, where they shared their business ideas with Mr. Buffett. Read more about the winners HERE.

Apply to be a Change Fellow!

Are you a young person who has a big idea to bring about change in Minnesota?

Youthprise is offering an opportunity for young people to receive funding and support to implement their big ideas to change the landscape of their communities and Minnesota.

Applications are due July 5th at 5:00pm CST.

Learn more about the Change Fellows Program HERE



  1. Create a 3-5 minute video application, include answers to following questions:
    • Describe who you are, include your name, age, school, grade level, and the community in which you live
    • Explain your big idea and its connection to out-of-school time/afterschool and how your idea will impact systems, build communities and ensure all MN youth thrive.
    • Who will you work with to actualize the big idea? Please describe and list the community partners (organizations and/or individuals) that will help mobilize your idea into action
    • Describe why it’s important to do this work, why you want to be a Youthprise Change Fellow
  2. Use photos to create a slideshow, use video from a camera phone or webcam video, or produce it like a professional!
  3. Upload the video to a video sharing website (i.e.,, etc.).
  4. Email the application with the link to your video to by the entry deadline of July 5th by 5:00pm. Subject of the email should be: “Change Fellow Video Application.”  Please include your name, phone number and email address (to be used application update purposes only, no solicitations.)


  • You must be a youth age 16-25 to apply
  • Include original content in your application. Do not submit a video that has been submitted elsewhere.
  • Video must NOT be longer than 5 minutes.
  • Avoid profane language, violence, sex or personal attacks on people or organizations.
  • Avoid violating copyright laws or using brand names or logos other than those you have been granted permission to use in your video. You agree to indemnify Youthprise for any claim, demand, judgment, or other allegation arising from your possible violation of someone’s trademark, copyright, or other legally protected interest in any way in your video.

Workshop: Starting and Sustaining Your Creative Business

Join the Saint Paul Neighborhood Network on July 7th for “Starting and Sustaining Your Creative Business,” a workshop with Eleanor Whitney, author of “Grow: How to take your DIY project and passion to the next level & quit your job!”


When :             July 7th, 2013 1:00 PM   through   3:00 PM

Location :        375 Jackson Street, St Paul, MN 5510

Contact :         Phone: 651-298-8908

Whitney will be hosting a workshop focused on how to start and grow your creative business with a focus on media makers and independent producers. This interactive workshop will enable participants plan for success and sustainability by setting attainable goals, understanding resources available to artists within the Twin Cities and beyond, determining when to take the plunge and what next steps to take in order to get there. Andy Sturdevant, from Springboard for the Arts, and Maria Tototzintle from Tequila Digital Media will be making special presentations about resources for creative people and the real life experience of launching a media business. Come with an idea for a specific project you would like to focus on and expect to leave with concrete next steps and the inspiration to know that you are part of a strong community of independent, entrepreneurial media makers.

Cost for this workshop is $25 for members, $40 for non members, and $15 for limited income members.

Registration and pre-payment is required. For more information or to register please call the SPNN Access desk at 651-298-8908 or email us at You may call to make a payment or send in your check or money order to 375 Jackson Street Suite 250 St. Paul, MN 55101

More information HERE

World Savvy Celebrates a School Year of Success!

During the 2012-13 school year, World Savvy worked to cultivate a new generation of social entrepreneurs who possess the knowledge, skills, and values & attitudes to create social changes in their local and global communities. Through the World Savvy Challenge program, students worked in teams to explore a range of issues within an annual theme, identify a topic and problem for further research, develop potential solutions to their problem at the community, national and international level, and finally, create a Knowledge-to-Action plan for how they can be involved in implementing their solution at one or more of these levels. Below are profiles of a few of the teams who plan to implement their Knowledge-to-Action plans over the course of the next year.

Health Care Heros, Blake Middle School









We are going to start an annual school drive for medical supplies (non-used equipment). The drive will last a month and engage middle school students and teachers in a competition to see which homeroom can collect the most items. At the end of the month, there will be a prize for the winning homeroom.  We will then organize an event where people come to pack the supplies and prepare them for shipping. Once the supplies have been organized, they will be shipped to MedWish, an organization based in Ohio that collects and distributes medical supplies to developing countries. We will also use their wish list to help us choose the items we would like people to donate.


The Lifesavers, Twin Oaks Middle School


In response to research on the prevalence of pollutants in buildings, this group of students designed an education and letter writing campaign to promote eco-friendly buildings in the State of Minnesota. Their project will include making presentations to students in 20 South of the River Middle Schools, followed by a letter writing campaign to elected state and federal offices to support LEED certification requirements for new construction.


Pani Pilots, St. Paul Academy and Summit School

After researching the impact of runoff from the use of phosphorous fertilizers on lakes and rivers in the Minneapolis, this group of students has developed a project to educate their local community on the use of phosphorus free fertilizers and encourage local neighborhood action to reduce use of phosphorus-based fertilizers.


The Entrepreneurial Mindset

It has been argued that to succeed in the 21st century, everyone will have to become an entrepreneur. To an extent, this is true. Everywhere we turn, jobs, and even entire industries, are collapsing as their existence becomes irrelevant in the technically advanced globalized world. The world we grew up in is very different from the one that we are growing into, and thus, we all must adapt.

But adapting doesn’t have to mean throwing everything you have away in pursuit of the elusive high-profile entrepreneurial life. At its core, entrepreneurship is all about creating value— whether this is economic, social or environmental, and whether this happens within an existing organization or through a brand new one, is arguably less important than whether you have an idea that is innovative and works. But remember – to work, something doesn’t always have to be new and innovative. And the opposite is true as well. Just because something is new and innovative, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work.

For this reason, we believe that it is just as important to have an entrepreneurial mindset, meaning the traits and characteristics that make someone entrepreneurial, than it is to be an entrepreneur who creates new things. People with entrepreneurial mindsets are creating change everyday within organizations and outside of them. For this reason, we decided to post a list of the key traits that we believe make up the entrepreneurial mind:


1. Passion. Entrepreneurial individuals know themselves and their ideas. Whether it is a simple hunch or something you’ve spent 20 years researching– you know what it is you want to achieve, why you are passionate about it, and how it will make things better. Most entrepreneurs are self-aware individuals who are working hard to bring about the kind of change that THEY believe in.

2. Creativity. Leigh University’s Jeffrey Ochs wrote that, “Innovation fueled by creativity is this generation’s most important economic development engine.” Beyond simply being an engine that develops new ideas, creativity is also essential for spotting opportunity. Again, this may be something completely new or simply a way of combining things that have previously been thought of as separate or just a way of reaching between and across disciplines for the greatest opportunity. Creativity means the open mindedness to think outside the box and construct opportunity.

3. Eagerness to Learn.  Whether from your peers or your bosses, from experience or from the library—entrepreneurial individuals are hungry to know and understand what to do and how to do it. You must believe in your idea and take ownership over the conditions under which you are developing it. Because of this, part of your work is challenging constraints and assumptions and being open and willing to learn through the process. No one knows everything, but everyone can take the initiative to try and figure things out.

4. Willingness to Try. Entrepreneurs often learn best by doing and because of this, they need to be willing to try things out, recognize failure early and adapt. It is important to have the courage to put yourself and your idea out into the world, but it is just as important that you are able to acknowledge and learn from mistakes when they happen.

5. Boldness. It’s cliché but important to remember that YOU determine the boundaries of possibility. Entrepreneurs often see the change they want to create before anyone else thinks it is possible. For that reason they must have courage and faith to stand up for what they believe and do what is necessary, often just taking little steps, to bring their ideas to life.

Do Something Seed Grants!


Are you a young person with an idea for a community action project? Do you need money to put your ideas into action? If you answered, “YES!” you are eligible to apply for a  Do Something Seed Grant! gives out $500 every week to help young people improve their community! These grants can be used towards project ideas and programs that are just getting started, or to jump-start programs and help young people act on their ideas for the first time. These grants can also be used towards projects that are already developed and sustainable, towards the next steps of a project or to help expand a project and grow its’ impact.

Grant Details:

How much?: $500
How many are you giving out?: One a week!
Deadline: None! Apply now! You will be notified whether or not you have won within 2-3 months after submission.

Eligibility Rules:

  • The applicant must be 25 OR UNDER.
  • The applicant must be a U.S. or Canadian citizen (You will be asked to prove citizenship and age if you win).
  • You can APPLY for as many grants as you’d like, but you can only win ONE grant from Do Something in a twelve month period (excluding the Do Something Award).

Learn more about HERE!