The Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education

This Toolkit for the National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education is designed to give you the standards and Performance Indicators framework necessary for developing curriculum for entrepreneurship programs as a lifelong learning process.

Great suggestions for ways to make entrepreneurship programs interesting and memorable through active participation in the learning process.

The Council for Economic Education

An activity introducing students to entrepreneurship.

Activity focusing on the distinction between marketing a new product or licensing it to someone else to market.

Activity in which students: take note of the role of risk and incentives as factors found in all entrepreneurial pursuits; analyze, compare and evaluate personal characteristics of entrepreneurs; develop a greater self-understanding as they determine if they have the traits found in successful entrepreneurs; set goals, which will help them to become more entrepreneurial.

The ‘E’ in Me-the Entrepreneur in You

A multimedia contextual learning program on entrepreneurship from the Agency for Instructional Technology (AIT) and the Kauffman Foundation’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. Designed for high school students, the program consists of 3 modules, each containing eight 50-minute lesson plans.

Entrepreneurship: Be the E

With 4-H’s entrepreneurship activity guide, middle school and high school students: learn business types, products & pricing, marketing, partnerships, agreements & contracts; go through the process of creating a business plan & starting a business; do market surveys, budget forecasts, exit strategies, ethics & more.

Entrepreneurship: Owning Your Future

The 11th edition of NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship)’s entrepreneurship textbook provides a student-friendly, comprehensive guide to developing a business plan. The NFTE store offers resources for administrators, teachers, alumni, policymakers, and entrepreneurs.

GoVenture Products

GoVenture’s award-winning series of business and money management games and simulations.

JA Be Entrepreneurial

Junior Achievement’s web-based entrepreneurial curriculum program, focuses on challenging high school students, through interactive classroom activities, to start their own entrepreneurial venture while still in high school.

Jacobson Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship at The University of Iowa

Through teacher education, innovative curricula, and outreach, the Jacobson Institute fosters the entrepreneurial mindset and prepares students for success in the worlds of business and entrepreneurship. The website offers several curriculum resources for teaching entrepreneurship.

The New Youth Entrepreneur series

A comprehensive youth entrepreneurship curriculum published by the Education, Training, and Enterprise Center (EDTEC).

NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation’s Entrepreneur-in-the-Classroom (EITC)

This supplemental curriculum exposes students to entrepreneurship and the necessary steps to take an idea and turn it into a business. The free curriculum can be integrated into classes teaching a variety of subjects including music, art, fashion, business and many more.

PACE (Program for Acquiring Competence in Entrepreneurship)

This competency-based curriculum is designed for student use in the classroom, created by the Center on Education and Training for Employment at Ohio State University. There are 22 topic-based modules to suit individual program needs.

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) – Teen Website

A teen website designed to introduce young entrepreneurs to the concept of small business ownership as a viable career choice. The website helps young people shape and implement their dreams of entrepreneurship, featuring: the fundamentals of starting a small business, brainstorming to evaluating the feasibility of your idea, developing a business plan, learning from successful young entrepreneurs, making sound financial decisions and utilizing various entrepreneurial development services.

YoungBiz Curricula

Designed for students age 9-12, a collection of curricula for teaching entrepreneurship, business, and personal finance.